Chewing Ginger 6 gm 12 Pcs

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Key benefits

    12 pcs chewing gingerThis product quality is very goodChewing ginger anti vomiting, nausea, anti inflammtory, effects can helps osteoarithritisGinger is help for cold and flu prevention


    Quantity: 12PcsWeight: 6g per unit


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Product details of Chewing Ginger 6 gm 12 Pcs

  • Product Type: 12 Pcs Chewing Ginger
  • Capacity: 6 gm x 12 Pcs
  • Good quality Product
  • Chewing Ginger Anti vomiting,nausea,anti inflammatory,effects can helps osteoarithritis.anti allergey.cold and flu prevention.



Chewing Ginger

Buy Modern Herbal chewing ginger 12 Pcs Quality of this chewing ginger is very good widely used for anti vomiting, nausea, anti inflammtory effects & also can helps osteoarithritis. Chewing ginger also helps for cold and flu prevention.

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